Onion is the best example of an expectorant food. The fragrance of sandalwood is proved to be an aphrodisiac. There are scores of different kinds of herbal teas available today with all kinds of health... Apply this plaster on the upper right abdomen, whenever needed. The herbs for relieving dry cough are often taken in combination either with milk or with tea. This is a light sensitive tissue present at the back of your eyes. It can contract as well as relax uterine muscles and it owes this property to the diversity in its composition. It assists the body to regulate hot flashes. The aroma of this acupuncture for neuropathy oil has a positive impact on the mind, promoting emotional healing. This effect will last for a few days after stopping the drugs. They are also used to combat infections and repair dry or damaged skin.

Apart from this, senna can be used as a medicine to treat a number of other health disorders. We are aware of seVeral herbal teas, their benefits and side-effects, but, do you know about Yerba Mate Tea? Aloe vera, a native of the African continent, belongs to the species Aloe. Plain water is always preferred to sugary drinks. Here is a list of some herbs that are used for treating high blood pressure. Similarly, grated ginger juice or holy basil boiled in hot water can be effective cough suppressants.

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